The first of several posts on joy should go live today on safeguard4u, my co-authored theological blog.  Since I’ve already started writing the next subject, I thought I’d whet the appetite here….

“If one could, as an alien, peer into our world, across all lands and through history, he would find mankind obsessed with one idea: love.  So completely obsessed, in fact, that our poets and our authors, our music and our books, our relationships and their pleasures and grievances, even our measures of “good” and “evil” revolve around that little, elusive word.  All the great minds have contributed to this reality, so what I am about to write may seem bold or even absurd.  I submit that they got it ALL wrong.  They completely, utterly missed the point.  Sorry Shakespeare, but the truth hurts sometimes.

Oh, they (and we, less you start enjoying this too much) were right to obsess over love.  It IS the single most important idea, ever.  No, what I’m saying is that we have been like C.S. Lewis’s little child who, offered the joys of married life in exchange for his candy, kept the candy because he couldn’t begin to comprehend what he was missing.  To quote a favorite saying of my co-contributor, they simply had no idea what they were babbling about!”

Watch safeguard4u for the rest.  I’ll give you a hint, it starts with “God is Love”….