Well, I’ve been struggling to finish up on the rather nice (if I say so myself) start I got on love.   In the meantime, I’ve been flying quite a bit, and am getting ready to work almost 11 days straight.  I say almost because I have two days off in the middle, but Tuesday isn’t much of a day off, and I will have to spend most of next Wednesday trying to get back to Chicago because the day before Thanksgiving is a very busy travel day.  I’m looking at it like pulling off a band-aid,  not very pleasant while you do it, but rather nice when it’s over.  After these 11 days I’ll have only one more short trip (two days), and then my commuting will be over!

The music part comes in because I’ve been really enjoying rediscovering gospel music (mostly The Cathedrals, and also the Gaither Vocal Band).  Of course, gospel music is full of heaven, and longing for home, and God’s boundless love….  I also found a very nice standalone track of choral music (which I love) with the words of Psalm 139.  Like my other favorite choral piece, it incorporates pure scripture (involving wings, of course), beautiful singing, and excellent music.  (The Wings of The Morning, by John Rutter and the Cambridge singers…. my other favorite is O for the Wings of a Dove) .

The movie part comes in because I’m curious to see Amazing Grace now that it’s out on DVD, but worried I won’t like it very much (and thus, not eager to spend money to see it).  I think I’ll wait til someone else can tell me if it’s worth the effort.


P.S.  I wrote a rather overly dramatic short story on thunderstorm flying on a napkin the other day, but I’m having trouble finding it.