Howdy all,

I’m finally back from a very long Chicago-based trip, which is very nice.  What’s better is that I am now based back in Dallas, so NO MORE COMMUTING!!!  I really enjoyed the actual flying in Chicago, O’Hare is one of the craziest and best run airports on the planet, but I’m sure I’ll be back often enough.

I’m hoping to post the first of several “shorts” on safeguard tomorrow, exploring what it really means to be an ambassador  here… I think it will surprise you.   Don’t ask about the end of the love series, it’s shaping up to be more like a book, and I still don’t really like any of it.

On the topic of thanksgiving, I was reminded this month why I’m so grateful for Countryside (my church).  Sure, the people are great (well, ok, they’re amazing!), the music’s awfully good (and no one gets a last word in like Mrs Hansen and her organ), and all the rest of those church things meet the high standards I’ve come to expect. But I get to see the people on more than just Sunday, and I’m surrounded by music (thank you iPhone), but I don’t get God’s word exposited and proclaimed with the grandeur and convicting weight that Tom delivers or the corporate worship anywhere else.  You go a month without it, and you realize how much it grounds you.  I’m not saying we should live from Sunday to Sunday, and the rest of the week is yours to do with as you please.  But God meant us to come together in solemn worship and study for a reason, and you have no idea how much like plunging into cold water on a hot summer day it was to be back for the evening service.

Also, my mother liked to go back through her planner and review the previous year around Thanksgiving.  She loved the story of Joshua’s hauling stones out of the Jordan to establish an altar to God’s provision and faithfulness; Thanksgiving was our time to look at those “pillars”.  I’ve talked about others elsewhere (you know who you are), but here’s one I thought of yesterday and is appropriate for this blog.

I was listening to Christmas music on my computer, and surfing through some old files.  I don’t know if I ever realized before how vast an amount of stuff I wrote for Civil Air Patrol.  I could easily assemble a book or two of collected writings and letters from just the good stuff!  Most of it is really pretty good, better than you’re reading here, and I owe all of that to my dreaded but excellent English lessons of ages past.  Thanks, Skipper!

Well, this has rambled on way to long, so I’ll sign off here….