I’m back from a four day!  I worked a Dallas trip (five legs the first day into Ft Smith) and then deadheaded (pilot talk for riding in the back on company business, in a funny and appreciated twist the Captain insisted the gate agent give me a first class seat) to LA and flew straight to San Diego.   The approach into San Diego is pretty cool, lets just say there’s this hill right off the end of the runway, and oh, they built downtown a bit close.   I had a long layover there, so I made my usual California pilgrimage to In-N-Out burger!!  I now have that all important sticker on my kit bag, so there’s another thing to check off the proverbial list.  I decided not to proffer or otherwise arrange my schedule, and just prayed that I might be able to go to church on Wednesday night.  The Lord is certainly good to his children, and a whole slew of crazy things happened so that I got done at the perfect time for church.  It reminds me of Psalm 16:1-3, one of my absolute favorites….


P.S. The next in the ambassador series will probably be up mid next week.

P.P.S I saw the trailer for Prince Caspian.  As those who know me will attest, I take The Chronicles of Narnia VERY seriously.  I’m not at all confident that I shall approve of this version, though I found “Wardrobe” acceptable, if not perfect.