As I write this, I’m sitting in Fort Walton Beach, fulfilling my job description of professional boredom! It’s a nice overnight, with a rather spectacular view of the beach (I’ve tried to attach the picture to this). The water is cold. VERY COLD.

Ft Walton Beach

Anyway, we knew we were in for it because Chicago was in our travel plans, and that’s rarely a good sign this time of year. When we got to the airport, though, we discovered that our aircraft had left the gate in Chicago 2 hours previously, but had not yet departed. Wheee! It’ll be here in an hour and a half or so; we’ll be ready to go in another 25 minutes after that. Will ATC be willing to let us depart when we’re ready? Not really sure. What will happen with our rather short overnight in CMH (Columbus, OH)? Definitely not sure.

My interest is almost purely academic, however, because this is only the second day of four, or perhaps six days of work. I’m not trying to get anywhere (although I would like that Chattanooga overnight tomorrow, it’s not tugging on my heartstrings very hard). The only concern I have with all of it is how much sleep I’ll get tonight. This is probably a good thing, because all of our passengers are quite a bit more worried about it. In general aviation (read: little airplanes) we would call this “get-there-itis”. Combine that nasty condition with flying the airplane, and you don’t have a very safe thing going. There are a lot of slightly (very slightly, depending on exactly how small the airplane was) shorter mountains because of this. So, the long and short of it is that I generally view the situation as almost funny, like one of those horribly slapstick comedies where they absolutely destroy a house in escalating laughter, than stressful.

Some friends recently got a game called quelf. From what I understand of it, you could play it and get a very good feel for what life flying the line is like!


ps I’m writing the next of my ambassador series, but I don’t want to post it until I have the time and space to open a couple dozen thesauri, dictionaries, commentaries, and concordances!!