Howdy y’all

I took a break from the blogosphere for a while to move, finish macroeconomics, go back to recurrent training, and a couple other things that I’v already forgotten.  I’m determined to get back to writing, especially for safeguard, because nothing focuses my mind on important spiritual issues more than having to study for a good post.  I think I need to keep them a bit shorter, however, to avoid burnout on either end.

So, today I’m enjoying the second day of a two-day trip.  This is a vast improvement over four day trips!  I still work four days (I leave tomorrow for another “two-day”), but instead of a long layover in Podunk, Iowa, I get to spend that time at home and at church!  Right now however, strong winds have blown a bag cart into our airplane, and I’m killing time on the trusty old couchish bench in Springfield ops.

I ran across an interesting game due out on multiple platforms later this year.  The idea behind Spore ( is to set the evolution process in motion.  What a great idea for a game!  Honestly.  But I think a little deeper down it makes two ironic and serious statements.  First of all, it DEMANDS intelligent design.  Sure they may have written some code for your amoebas to “evolve” a bit randomly, but their code (and their gameplay) rely on you having a plan for your world!  Gamers want to be able to define things about their creatures, from color to aesthetics! In fact, the game website advertises your ability to choose between form and function!  And anyway, the game wouldn’t work without someone laying logical rules for the universe to run according to (Laws of Nature, anyone?).

Secondly, and maybe a bit darker, this game is a version of theistic evolution.  The difference being that YOU get to be god.  One marketing quip runs something like “Tired of your world? How would you do it better?”   No one minds a form of creation (and NO I do not believe in theistic evolution one tiny little bit), they just mind the implications of a Creator!  No Creator, no sovereign God.  No sovereign God, no sin.  No sin, no problem.  This reality (spelled out in Romans) is the real heart of the creation debate.  Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ for calling us out of our self-deception!

I’m gonna springboard off of this into a funny thought that’s been running through my mind on another aspect of God’s awesome creative wisdom.  A friend of mine likes to say, “Never underestimate the importance of irreducible complexity.”  So look for “World 2.0” sometime soon, and probably on safeguard.