This has been a really awesome month. I had the opportunity to go to the XL Ministries conference in Glorietta, NM, which was an amazing blessing.  Thank God for a group of committed pastors and teachers, who will teach the Scripture plainly and clearly (and make my natural man writhe)!

I have also recently had the opportunity to write a defense of the principle of Sola Scriptura in response to a set of questions asked of me by a Roman Catholic.  Specifically, he asked whether the principle was an “invention” of the Reformation, or whether it was present immediately following Christ’s ascension.  Also, he asked how the church might have had access to the Scripture, how they might understand it, and several other related questions.  This is the first in a series of posts; don’t fear, the rest are already written. It’s going up on safeguard as I type.  I encourage you to look up each of the references, and savor how God has provided for his Church.  The sheer volume of internal evidence in the Bible is truly overwhelming.  I’m indebted to Steve Lawson’s excellent two-part message “Christ, the Reformers, and Sola Scriptura” for a clear, and recognizable, foundation.  It’s available from the Sola Scriptura conference audio at  All the references are ESV.  Look them all up!

It’s a huge blessing to be immersed in the Word as I was for two days, studying.  I am very thankful that, by God’s grace, I’ve learned so much of the value of private worship and study this year.  I am sure that the time I devote is still far to meager, but I cannot imagine how I tried to survive on the much smaller “meals” of last year.  I am finding that the more I work to teach or write, the more seriously I study, and so hopefully I can continue to do both as God gives for me to do.

Finally, a new friend from XL is teaching through the book of Daniel, and I’ve been listening to the series as I sit in hotels (which I do a LOT).  I’m very encouraged and convicted by it.  Here’s the link.

I’m also very grateful for two of my brothers and the rest of their family inviting me to share Thanksgiving dinner after I get off work.  What better way to praise the Lord for his great and gracious works than with His Church!

Happy Thanksgiving,